New PCI board for A1200: Mediator 1200 TX
[22 February 2008]

Elbox Computer, the company that introduced the PCI standard to Amiga, is pleased to announce the latest Mediator model -- MEDIATOR PCI 1200 TX -- the successor of the MEDIATOR PCI 1200 SX.

New firmware embedded in CPLDs of MEDIATOR 1200 TX allows significant speed-up of graphic card operations when hardware 2D and 3D acceleration is used in single-processor systems (68k or PPC). The new firmware operation modes are supported by the new Mediator OS3.x System Files provided on the enclosed MM CD. Native PowerPC support will be provided in the upcoming update of AmigaOS 4.0.

MEDIATOR PCI 1200 TX, like its predecessor, has 6 PCI slots, busmastering in all PCI slots, Power Management Interface, ATX and AT power connectors, and provides 3.3V auxiliary supply to all PCI slots.

MEDIATOR PCI 1200 TX is dedicated for A1200 in D-BOX 1200, Mirage 1200, E/BOX 1200 (Power, Winner), EZ-Z4 and Infinitiv tower cases.

Included with the MEDIATOR PCI 1200 TX is the Mediator Multimedia CD with new versions of drivers for Sound, TV tuner, Ethernet 10Mbps, Fast Ethernet 100Mbps and Graphic PCI cards.

For the list of currently supported PCI cards see
Mediator Driver Guide.
For more info, see Mediator PCI 1200 TX

Pricing and availability

The Mediator PCI TX will be on sale from 27th February 2008 with suggested retail price EUR 195.95 (plus local taxes and shipping costs).

To locate an authorized distributor or purchase product in Elbox Online Store visit <http://elbox.com/buy.html> website.

Upgrading Mediator 1200 SX to the new Mediator 1200 TX will be possible. The TX Upgrade program for Mediator 1200 SX users will be announced at a later time.

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